Sweet Savoury

We offer a morning and afternoon tea menu specifically designed to meet your budget and event. Whether it’s a shout for the staff, a board meeting, a ‘thank you’ for a client or a friends get together we’ve got you covered. 

Option - 1 $7.5

Hot Savoury + 1 Sandwich + ½ Muffin $7.50

Option 2 - $8

Hot Savoury + Muffin or Scone

Option 3 - $11

(GF) Friand + Frittata + Fruit

OPTION 4 - $11

Hot Savoury + 2 x Sandwich + Muffin or Slice

OPTION 5 - $11

2x Sushi + Vegan Sweet + Mini Vegan Tofu Taco

OPTION 6 - $4.5

3x Assorted Triangle Sandwiches

* Minimum of 8 per option

Sweet & Savoury
Our selection of sweet and savoury delights are perfect for morning and afternoon tea.
We design lunch menus for all occasions.
Reheat & Eat
Layered Blueberry Dessert
Bite size delicacies for all occasions.
Mini Hamburgers
Combo Platter
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Option 1 $45 per person

Hot Soup, Asian Slaw, Pork Lamb, Flat Bread, Spring Rolls, Brownie, Bottle Switchel, Nuts

Option 2 $70 (for 2)

Tea for 2, Salad in Jar, Meats, Cheeses, Crackers, Crusty Bread, Hummus w/ Veg or Fruit Skewers, Brownie, Bottle of Switchel


Option 3 $60 (for 2)

Tea for 2, Salmon Fritatta, Salad in Jar, Crusty Bread, Snack Food, Bottle of Switchel

Option 4 $13.5 (field trip packed lunch)

Chicken or Ham Gourmet Egg & Salad

 Sandwich, Piece of Fruit, Muffin or Scone

Option 5 $13.5 (field trip packed lunch)

Chicken or Ham Gourmet Egg & Salad

 Sandwich, Piece of Fruit, Muffin or Scone

Our range of cakes are freshly made in-house and are ideal for birthdays, celebrations, group morning teas or simply because you love cake!

Slow Cooked Carrot Cake $68

with Creamed Cheese Icing, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts & Apricots

Lemon Drizzle Cake $50 Gf,Df

Cheesecake $70


Hersey’s Chocolate

Dragon Fruit (seasonal)

Salted Caramel

(Vegan available on request)

5 Layer Cake $70

Pink Gin Cake

Lemon Cake Gf

Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Mousse Cake $80

w Raspberry Coulis

Moroccan Loaf $68

w Nuts, Dried Fruit & Moroccan Spices



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