Nosh Cooking Classes

These classes are based around the food we served at Nosh on a daily basis. We have called them Nosh Secrets.  We have an enormous portfolio and can’t wait to share these secrets with you… there is limited spaces in these classes so be in quick.

Nosh Basics

6pm-9pm (3 hours) $80pp

From pantry, fridge or garden to plate…in this class we will make simple staples to have on hand to add flavour to make those dishes just a bit more special.  Each class we will make 5 items. On arrival you will be served a glass of bubbles. This class is a casual, fun, non-invasive class where I will share some simple techniques to help you with confidence to become that diva in your own kitchen…

At the end of the evening we will reflect on the evening with our shared food


Nosh Secrets

Baking 6pm-9pm (3 hours) $90pp

There is endless recipes and techniques to share in this class… Each class will cover 3 items from high teas, gluten free, biscuits, cakes, raw, slices to ganache, frostings & decorations.  On arrival there will be a glass of bubbles served and at the end of our class we will sit reflect and dine on our baked goods over a cup of tea…


Nosh Secret

Creative Meals 6pm-9pm (3 hours) $95.00pp

From breakfast, lunch to dinner… In this class we will cover lots of different flavours including vegetarian, vegan, pasta making, risotto, salads, meats, raw the list goes on… This class will be designed season appropriate.  We will explore the Nosh garden to use as much as possible and share how to store the excess of our produce… On arrival you will be served a glass of bubbles, and at the end of the class we will reflect over our food we’ve made on the evening.

Kids in the Kitchen Part 1

2pm-5pm (3 hours) ages 7+ $65.00pp


This class will be on healthy baked goods – we will cover breakfast, school lunches, gifts to make, cakes, biscuits and raw food…the art of simple cake decorating. This class is designed to encourage healthy eating, the art of moderation and taking skills that they learn to help in their home kitchen and moving forward in life the ability to be self sufficient. We will sit share our food over a freshly squeezed juice

Kids in the Kitchen Part 2

2pm-5pm (3 hours) ages 7+ $65.00pp

In this class there will be a masterclass of simple knife skills, cross contamination, from garden to plate, healthy food ideas and even a mystery box to create their own dish. Breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas…

This class will teach them the art of a healthy outlook on food and skills moving forward in life. We will sit and share our food over a freshly squeezed juice

Men's Masterclass

6pm-9pm (3 hours) $95.00pp

In this class I’ll help inspire the man of the house to be a diva in his kitchen. We will go over breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and in-betweens… In each class there will be 3 items that we will make to add to his repertoire. Some party food ideas, healthy easy to make food to feed himself, family and friends. On arrival you will be served a famous Milk Stout or Larger… This class is casual, fun and non-judgemental 

At the end of our class we will sit eat and reflect and have a decent Nosh-up.


6pm-9pm (3 hours) $95.00pp

There’s something special about that small dish of tasty morsels over a beer, wine, Pimms or juice in the summer months and sharing with family and friends… In this class we will explore flavours, the art of putting together a grazing platter, making gifts, we will make 5 different items for you to be the super star at your next gathering. On arrival you will be served a beer or bubbles and at the end of the evening sit and Nosh up on our morsels made…


All these classes are in fun, casual and non-judgemental…We will advertise via our facebook page dates as they come up…look forward to sharing with you…Vicki Waaka