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Nosh Cooking Classes

These classes are based around the food we served at Nosh on a daily basis. We have called them Nosh Secrets.  We have an enormous portfolio and can’t wait to share these secrets with you… there is limited spaces in these classes so be in quick.

Nosh Basics

This class is designed to teach you the simple staples you can whiz up fast and have in your pantry or fridge ready to serve and make those dishes just a little more special. In this class you will gain confidence in becoming a diva in the kitchen and making sustainable, tasty and easy kitchen essentials from sauces, salsas, curries and coatings. I will demonstrate these along with inviting you to help with my guidance. And don’t worry you will get to sample everything that is made. This will be a casual class and look forward to sharing my journey of food with you with some fun, on arrival you will be served a glass of bubbles or non-alcoholic punch. 

Nosh Secrets

In this class we will talk gluten free. I don’t claim to be a guru on this subject but will teach you what I have learnt over my time and the do’s and don’ts that come along with the knowledge. We will make a gf flour mix and discuss. I will demonstrate some of my most popular dishes sold daily at Nosh. These are my treasured recipes that have got me by for the last 11 years and have been a daily staple and never off the menu. In this class there will be some hands-on but more demonstration. On arrival you will be served a glass of bubbles or non-alcoholic punch. Yes we will taste our food when cooked and let’s share a cup of tea, I will discuss some simple techniques that I have learnt over my time serving tea, this is a casual fun class where I take through my daily tasks at our iconic café.


Nosh Secrets

We all have busy lifestyles but want to eat healthy. In this class we will discuss some staples that you can have ready to assemble quickly and full of flavour. Vegan, meat, vegetarian, and seafood combinations will be discussed. On arrival you will be a glass of bubbles or non-alcoholic punch. We will be making 3 different dishes and discuss how to use them in different combinations. These will be shared at the end of your class.

Nosh Secrets

Part 3 - Thursday 1st October 6pm-8.30pm. Vegetarian food $95.00pp

World Vegetarian Day, what a great day to celebrate. I have been vegetarian for over 30 years, I will share some of my basics, and how to use and make tasty food in this new world of visual plant-based food. On arrival you will be served a glass of freshly squeezed juice or homemade switchel. And yes as always we will have a shared tasting of the food of the evening. 

Kids in the Kitchen

Wednesday 7th October 2pm-5pm (hands on and demo) $60.00pp

In this class we will talk some simple knife skills, cross contamination, how to do a couple of sauces, make some California rolls and a dipping sauce and learn how to challenge those rice paper rolls. We will explore the garden, forage and talk about how to make food fun and tasty. We will have a shared table and make a punch to share at the table. 



Kids in the Kitchen

Friday 9th October 1pm – 4pm (hands on and demo) $65.00pp

In this class I will discuss and make with them some muffins, waffles, a simple cake and talk healthy school lunches and how they can assemble themselves with confidence. We will talk basic knife skills, explore the garden and juice our own fresh juice. At the end of our class we will sit and share our food we have made for the day.


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